Thank you for your interest in our gymnastics program! We encourage children of all ages and abilities to improve their skills and confidence. Whether kids are here just for better coordination, want to improve their athleticism for other sports, or have a desire to compete in gymnastics, they are all very important to us. We have a reputation in Lincoln for being the fun place to learn gymnastics. Our trampoline teaching system is a big favorite for our kids.

Gift certificates are available for your gift-giving, in amounts of $15, $45, $75, $100, or $250! Contact our office to purchase!

1st Semester: September 3rd-January 17th
2nd Semester: January 19th-May 23rd

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
40 minutes (Ages 1 ½ - 3 ½)
11:00 am  9:10 am  9:10 am
5:45 pm 
45 minutes (Ages 3 - 5)
9:10 am
10:05 am
5:40 pm 
10:00 am
10:55 am
5:40 pm 
10:00 am  5:40 pm 
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade 4:30 pm
6:40 pm 
4:30 pm
6:40 pm 
4:30 pm
6:40 pm 
4:30 pm
6:40 pm 
4th Grade & Older 7:45 pm  7:45 pm  7:45 pm  7:45 pm 
** Must be potty-trained and able to participate without a parent.

No Classes: Parent Observation Weeks:
November 26-29
December 22-January 3
March 9-13

October 6-11
December 1-6
February 2-7
April 13-18

These dates have already been figured into the calendar; no make-up classes are necessary for these weeks.


Coach Unger

New students may enroll at anytime with prorated tuition!